Individual and Family Services

Not feeling full of energy?  Heard that eating a whole-food based diet will help but don’t know where to start?  Concerned about a mold or chemical exposure at home or in the office?  All of us are exposed to toxins in our every day life and improving the body’s ability to detox and flush these toxins quickly is key to vitality.  Let us help!

Learn to Live a Less Toxic Life

We offer many services specifically designed for those interested in improving their health.  Many of the services below are FREE for individuals or families.

Life Education Services:

  • 8 steps to detoxifying your body
  • Cooking classes
  • Reducing toxins in the home

Life Advocacy Services:

  • Environmental Illness (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Consultations – Help! I find myself reacting or getting sick and no one seems to understand (we do!)
  • Coping with fragrance in the workplace
  • Grocery shopping 101 – buying REAL WHOLE food.  Not as simple as you think.
  • Mold exposure  – Help!  I’m struggling with mold exposure
  • Retail Therapy – Help! I can’t shop at my favorite store/restaurant because of Fragrance/Air Fresheners in the building

Don’t see something you are looking for?  Ask us! We offer custom individual or family services. Again, many of these services are FREE!

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