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One in three employees in the US experience adverse health effects from exposure to synthetic fragrances such as bathroom air “fresheners” and certain personal care items.  These health effects can range from stomach aches to migraines to worse.  When your employees are not feeling well, they are not giving their best and you are losing productivity.

Learn to Create a Less Toxic Workplace

Let us help your business or organization become more productive.  We will improve the environment for your most important assets, your employees.  Our education and consultation services will result in higher moral and productivity.  These services contribute to inclusive excellence in the workforce, the recognition that the business or organization’s success is dependent on how well it values, engages and includes a diverse set of people.

Education Services:

  • Increase Productivity – CEO and Director level presentation and Q&A on how of a Fragrance-Free workplace benefits your business
  • Create a safe environment for all employees – HR level presentation and Q&A on how a Fragrance-Free workplace promotes a healthy work environment (and helps with ADA compliance)
  • Information on providing accommodations for employees with EI/MCS

Consultation Services:

  • Steps to a fragrance-free initiative in the workplace
  • Implement alternatives to plug-in air fresheners and other common toxins encountered in the workplace.

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