We’re committed to helping businesses and consumers reduce hazardous chemicals in their environment. We are always updating these resources so you can be better informed when you choose products for the home or office.   An educated consumer prefers products that are less toxic to them, their families and their employees.

Just the Facts

Turn over that personal care product you purchased and look at the ingredients.  Does it list the word “fragrance”?  What is in “fragrance”?  What is in popular laundry products?  Do air fresheners really freshen the air?  Check out the facts.

Shopping for Safer Products

There are so many personal care and cleaning products on the market, trying to make sense of which is safe for you and your family can be difficult and frustrating.  Finding alternative products to the brands you’ve been using, maybe for years, can be arduous without the proper information.  Find some tips when shopping here.   Our friends at EWG and other organizations have already done the hard work so we provide links to their easy to use apps to help you choose safer products when you shop.

Why Go Fragrance-Free

Don’t know why you or your office should go Fragrance-Free?  Need to convince family, friends, co-workers, or the HR department?  This resource helps provide some statistics and reasons.