Open Letter to the Gyms, Rec Centers, and YMCA’s


Many of us live in Colorado because of the wonderful, healthy outdoor activities readily available to us year round. But even the most ardent outdoor enthusiasts are driven inside when temperatures dip below freezing and many take their workouts to the gyms, studios, rec centers and YMCAs in the area. Unfortunately, the indoor air at many gyms is contaminated by air “fresheners” placed around the workout facility as an attempt to mask odors. Air “fresheners” do not “freshen” the air but instead put out chemical scents in an attempt to hide odors and deaden your sense of smell. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council research, nearly all products on the market contain hazardous phthalates and no regulations exist to require labeling. You and your children are inhaling these chemicals and poisoning your bodies while trying to do something healthy. Other toxins put into the air by common air “fresheners” include acetaldehyde, dichlorobenzene, ethanol, formaldehyde, and limonene, to name just a few. Air “fresheners” are easy to spot. They are often plugged into an outlet or mounted on a wall. Not all are as obvious to the nose as you might think. If you see an air freshener, ask your workout facility to remove it. You may just find you feel even better after a workout when you breathe clean air.