Personal Health Consultations

What is a consultation?
A consultation with a holistic health practitioner provides you with simple, yet effective, recommendations to rejuvenate, heal and re-charge your body, mind and spirit. You will receive health, lifestyle and dietary guidance that is individualized to your specific concerns and needs.

Who can benefit from a consultation
The short answer is everyone who is interested in retaining their health. Are you feeling tired, not sleeping well or is your memory not as sharp as it once was? Consultations can address these issues as well as more serious challenges including cancer, infertility, diabetes, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular issues, allergies, Lyme disease, thyroid disorders, hypoglycemia and the maintenance of good health. People of all ages can be seen for a consultation.

What can I expect at a consultation?
Prior to your appointment, a health assessment form will be sent to you for you to describe your health history. During the consultation, the holistic health practitioner will review your health assessment form and listen to your present concerns and questions you may have. They will use learned techniques and look at various parts of your body including your face, hands and feet. You will receive a personalized health improvement plan along with a booklet containing details on food, recipes and remedies to help guide you through your journey.

How can I schedule a counseling session?
email or call 720-460-9002.