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“Preserve and treat your food as you would your body, remembering that in time food will be your body.”
— B. W. Richardson

You may wonder why we have a food blog on an organization’s website whose focus is on education and advocacy for less toxic living. Food plays an important role in the body’s detoxification process and, if eating the standard American diet, you likely are ingesting various chemicals from growth hormones in meat and dairy to pesticides in fruit, vegetables and even honey. Having experienced significant personal health improvement myself as well as seeing others benefit from plant based eating, it is clear our diet is linked to our health. You can choose to steer yourself towards health or away from health simply by the choices you make at the table.  We like to say this is culinary medicine.  All the recipes you find on this site are vegan and none contain any refined sugars.

This is like a brownie but think pumpkin instead of chocolate. Delicious soft and chewy pumpkin treats!

soft and chewy pumpkin treats

In the mood for something spicy? This buffalo cauliflower recipe is just the thing!

As the weather cools and Thanksgiving arrives, a little treat like these pumpkin muffins are a hit for the whole family!
pumpkin muffins

Hot summer day? This sweet summer corn chowder is just the thing!
sweet summer corn chowder

Did someone say Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough?!
raw chocolate chip cookie dough

Need a hearty dish? Vegan sweet sausage is delicious and super filling for even the meat lovers in your life.
vegan sweet sausage

A creamy mac and cheese. A true favorite.
no bake vegan cookies

Have a sudden sweet tooth? This no bake vegan cookie recipe is quick and awesome!
no bake vegan cookies

How does someone on a plant based diet get by without mayonnaise? Easy, we don’t! This is a fantastic vegan aioli!

Every so often you have that urge for sausage. Even my meat eating friends love andouille sausage.
vegan andouille sausage

For most people, a slightly sweet flavor is extremely satisfying. This creamy chickpea soup wonderfully satisfies.
creamy chickpea soup

Black Cherry Vegan Cheesecake. Need I say more? If you prefer the taste of pumpkin, try this one.
black cherry cheesecacke

My favorite squash, dumpling squash nishime style.
dumpling squash nishime

Hip and awesome shredded apple pie.
shredded apple piepie

Sweet and creamy is a flavor and texture we need in our lives. This lemon cream pie is delicious!
lemon cream pie

Need a mid-afternoon snack? These pecan snack balls do just the trick!
pecan snack balls

A cucumber mint peach salad is just the thing for a hot summer day.
cucumber mint peach salad

Unbelievably simple, rich and delicious lemon cashew cream pudding.
lemon cashew cream pudding

This avocado chickpea salad is light yet filling. Delicious on a steamed corned tortilla or bread. Easy to make and delicious!
avocado chickpea salad

Who does not like a strawberry pie?!
berry pie

It is spring so the taste of lemon is desired. This spring basil bean dish is fantastic.pumpkin pie

Just received this recipe from a friend so had to try it. Gluten Free pumpkin pie!pumpkin pie

My favorite falafel recipe (this year!)
falafel (chickpea)

Always a hit on New Years, sweet and sour black-eyed peas.
sweet and sour black-eyed peas

Chocolate chip cookie dough squares. Is there anything less decadent? Let me answer that for you.  No, there isn’t.
chocolate chip cookie dough squares

A classic. Roasted diced potato.
roasted diced potato

Creamy sweet potato soup is a wonderful winter dish to curl up on the couch with.
creamy sweet potato soup

Nishime is a style of cooking often overlooked in the Western world even though it is super easy to make and absolutely delicious as the sweetness from the vegetables is brought to the surface. This is a great root vegetable nishime recipe.
root vegetable nishime

Vegetables deep-fried! Seriously, is there anything better?
cornbread muffins

You can never have too many cornbread recipes. Here is another that is just delicious!
cornbread muffins

Need an absolutely wonderfully tasting dessert for that baked apple craving? This apple crisp is fantastic!

apple crisp

Stuffed Kabocha Squash. YUM. That is all there is to say about this beautiful and flavorful culinary delight!
stuffed kabocha squash

Every so often there is a dish that a vegan, vegetarian and meat eater can all agree is delicious. This sweet vegetable burrito filled with the fall flavors is one such example.
sweet vegetable burrito

Looking for a dish with some fall flavoring? Perhaps something for Thanksgiving? Look no further than this delicious soup!
rosemary bean soup

A fantastic crunchy, light and refreshing salad with dulse, a sea vegetable. What?! Scared of sea vegetables? This recipe is a gentle introduction so don’t be afraid as it tastes great and there is a ton of vitamins and minerals in there!

Growing up, falafel was the fast food of choice for us. This falafel recipe takes me back to those days.

Chocolate Bean Bites. Yes. Chocolate and Beans. DELICIOUS!
Adzuki Bean Bites

Like jello but want a healthy, natural version? Strawberry mint kanten is the thing! Super yummy and not too heavy.
strawberry mint kanten

Need a great easy dish for the family or to show off at a pot luck? This quinoa chickpea salad is the thing!
quinoa chickpea salad

If it was not obvious yet, carrot cake is a serious weakness. I have no idea where I got it from as my family is not anywhere as crazy about it as me. This version is carrot cake from heaven.

I am a “food pusher” when it comes to pressed salads as we all could use more of this dish in our daily lives. This Napa pressed salad is a great version and will keep for several days.

Stir Fry quinoa, YUM!
stir fry quinoa

Need a hearty meal for the belly? Look no further than crispy seitan.

Got leftover rice? Don’t know what to do? These sesame rice patties bring that leftover grain back to life!

Most people have never had black soybeans and it is a shame as they are hearty, delicious and strengthening. This black soybeans with sweet rice is a simple dish but satisfying.

Kinpira is a dish often overlooked in western kitchens. Try this carrot and rutabaga version and you will be telling all your friends about this.

Put some zest in your life with basmati rice with zest.

Need some fresh crunch in your life? Try the just the crunch salad.

Need a topping for a soup? These deep fried croutons will make any soup even better.

A little sweet and bitter, parsnips and broccoli rabe.

Bunny Luv’n carrot cake. Need I say more?

A wonderful bean dish that will carra-you-away.

Light and uplifting Quick Sautéed Carrots and Kale blanched vegetable salad – carrots and greens.

This is a nice not-to-heavy cannellini bean dish.
White Beans w/Vegetables and Dill

Just home from work and need a vegetable quick? Quick Sautéed Carrots and Kale is the dish!carrots and kale

I know what you are thinking. Sea vegetable? Really?! Trust us on this one!
arame with onions, carrots and almond butter

Stressed?  Cold? This root vegetable soup will solve either or both of those problems!
root vegetable soup

Black Eyed Peas are a New Year’s tradition and this Garlic and Lemon dish does not disappoint!

Garlic Lemon Black Eyed Peas

Cornbread muffins are a nice treat to go with a bean dish. You will love this version!

mini cornbread muffins

Cake is always a nice dessert and this couscous blueberry recipe is one you must try!

almond thumb cookies

Who does not like cookies? These are delicious and even your non-vegan family and friends will ask for these almond thumbprint sweets!

almond thumb cookies

Springtime is for the color green and this pea and kale soup is delicious!

pea and kale soup

These winter months require some good nourishing soup for the soul (and immune system!). Try this killer kinpira soup. It will NOT disappoint!

Kinpira Soup

Pumpkin pie is always a favorite so let us share our version – vegan pumpkin pie.

pumpkin pie