Ei Thrive has built a large community and together we are stronger than we could ever be alone.  We come from all walks of life with the same goal of reducing the use of environmental toxins in everyday living.  Some in our community suffer greatly from environmental illness (multiple chemical sensitivity), some have family members who deal with this autoimmune disorder and others are simply concerned for the health of themselves, their loved ones and our environment.

DIY – Do It Yourself

Our members and readers love DIY items.  This section is for you daring thrivers out there!

Facebook Group

ei thrive has two separate pages on Facebook. One is our official Facebook page and the other is a support group page where anyone can share experiences and ideas. Check out the Facebook Group page for more information on each and how to join.

Food Blog

We at ei thrive are strong believers food is central to strengthening ones health. It is not the only factor, but it is a big one. We share some of our favorite foods here

Product Recommendations

We have lots of experience with less toxic products ranging from paint to building supplies to clothing to electronics. You name it, we probably have a member who knows about it. There are a few companies we work regularly with and support. Some can be found on our product recommendations page.