About ei thrive

ei thrive is an organization focused on education and advocacy for less toxic living.  We work to reduce the use of chemicals in everyday life.  We strive to lower the use of these environmental toxins through facilitating change in attitudes and behaviors via our education, advocacy, outreach and consultation services.

At ei thrive, we provide education so you are informed about everyday toxins.

Through our educational services, we are able to bring awareness to issues of everyday toxins and their impact on you, your family and your business.  We provide the knowledge so you will be empowered to make changes that will reduce your exposure to daily toxins and pave the way to a healthier home or work environment.  In the home, this leads to a safer less toxic place for you and your family.  In the workplace, this results in improved productivity and a comfortable work environment for all.  No matter where, it leads to a cleaner less toxic environment that allows you, your family and your employees to feel healthier and perform their best.  To thrive.

At ei thrive, we drive change through our advocacy services.

Through our advocacy services, we are able to assist those afflicted with Environment Illnesses (EI) or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). An individual with EI or MCS will have symptoms from exposure to low levels of chemicals found in everyday life. These levels are so low they do not cause symptoms in most people, but for a sufferer of EI or MCS it makes daily activities such as holding a steady job, shopping at the grocery store or attending public functions difficult and in some cases impossible. Through education and advocacy, we work tirelessly to improve life for EI or MCS sufferers. Change for the better.

At ei thrive, we want to reduce the exposure to toxins in your life.

Over our years of work, we have assisted individuals with detoxification programs.  We have worked with businesses to find alternatives to chemical air “fresheners” in their facilities. We have helped develop and implement fragrance-free workplace initiatives as well as provide individuals alternatives to petroleum based household and personal-care products. See how we can help you or your business.

We understand relationships between health and the environment and this drives us to make positive and lasting change.

Be Educated. Be Changed. Be Thriving.