Online Community of Ei Thrive

We understand for many sufferers of environmental illness daily life can be a challenge and one can quickly be afraid to leave the safety of their own home. As such, our Community section of our website, specifically our Blog and Ei Thrive Facebook Group, provides a place to share experiences and ideas on anything related to environmental toxins with a focus on facilitating change and improving health. We want to facilitate a community who drive change in our day-to-day environment. We are a community who will not allow our sensitivities to define us. We are a community who thrive and desire the freedom to live life to its fullest.

The Ei Thrive online hangouts are a place for support and love. They are a place for both those with environmental sensitivities as well as those who know a loved one who suffers. We know environmental illness can be just as hard on loved ones as on those who are affected.

Together we are stronger than we could ever be alone.

Group Rules:
1. The Administrator reserves the right to delete ANY post or comment that the Administrator feels is disrespectful to ANY other group member. In general, this includes:
– Abusive, defamatory, or obscene language
– Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading statements
– In violation of any intellectual property right of another
– In violation of any law or regulation
– Otherwise offensive

2. No product endorsements. A product may be suggested for improvement of symptoms, such as “XYZ product helped me personally with my headaches”, but no selling any product with the claim it will cure someone else.

3. All links posted in groups or documents section must be the full URL. No short-cut links such as or are permitted. This is for security reasons.